Possible Questions to Stimulate Discussion
After Reading the Vignette

What thoughts and feelings came up for you as you read this vignette?

What stands out for you about the interaction in this vignette?

Do you notice any issues here related to race or cultural competency?

What assumptions or stereotypes seem to be at play here?

What is the white person not understanding in this situation or what does he/ she seem to be ignorant about?

In what ways can you empathize with the white person in this vignette, and
in what ways with the person of color?

How might the person of color be feeling or what might she or he be thinking as a result of this interaction?

What might be confusing to the person of color in this vignette?

Is there some way a compassionate culturally competent white person (i.e., a skillful white ally) might intervene in this situation?

Possible Questions to Ask After Reading the Commentary

What feelings came up for you as you read the commentary?

In what ways do you agree or disagree with the commentary?

Did the commentary point to something you had not considered before?

What is the commentary missing or what might you like to add to it?

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